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Capture Carts and Orders

Edit Buyer Carts

  • Get notified when a cart is created

  • View cart details

  • Co-edit cart with your retailer

  • Exchange messages in cart

Receive Buyer Orders

  • Get notified with new orders

  • Add discount and shipping

  • Exchange notes in order

  • Update order status

Write Orders

  • Write order for any retailer

  • Send as a draft (quote)

  • Send as a cart for co-editing

  • Items are linked to catalog pages

Manage Orders

Payment and Settings

  • Payment methods and terms

  • Credit card payment via payment gateway

  • Minimum order setting

  • Custom order fields

Analytics and Reporting

  • Filter and search over orders

  • Reporting by total and by product

  • Trend line based on custom timeframe

  • Reporting and insights by retailer

  • Reporting by sales rep (coming soon)


  • Export orders in CSV

  • Export individual order in PDF

  • Integration with Quickbook (coming soon)

  • Open API for 3rd party integration

iPad App for Mobile Order Entry

Perfect for trade shows and in-office use by sales reps.

Available in Commerce365 Premium.

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 1.53.51 PM.png

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